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    Stove & Fireplace Ash Vacuum

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    Pellet Accessory KitRotating Oval BrushCrevice ToolHEPA Replacement FIlter

    For Fast Cleanup Of Stoves & Fireplace Ash Debris

    Economical HEPA filtered ash vacuum for cleaning up in and around pellet stoves, wood stoves and fireplaces. The convenient Hearth Country Ash Vacuum is the safe and sensible fireplace ash remover. The versatile ash vacuum can be used to safely remove COLD fireplace ash and wood stove debris. The built in Shake-Off vibrating filter may be activated to clear filter build up while keeping the dust proof lid in place.

    • Powerful 820w Motor, 85 CFM
    • Spark Arrestor Screen Pre-Filter
    • Aluminum Hose & Pickup Tub - 5 Feet Total
    • 4 Gallon Canister
    • Shake-Off™ Vibrating Filter Cleaning
    • 6 Piece Pellet Stove Small Hose/Tool Kit
    • Rotating Oval Brush
    • Crevice Tool
    • SootStop Filter
    • Quiet, 80db Sound Level
    • No Expensive Bag Filters To Replace
    • Powder Coated Black Canister
    • Double Insulated Metal Bottom On Canister

    For Cold Ash Pick Up Only

    The SootStop Filter is an upgrade from the metal mesh pre-filter depicted on the packaging and instruction manual. The metal mesh pre-filter is therefore not included.

    Item Number Item # Size Description Description Weight Weight
    400 400 0 lbs. 0 lbs.

    Item Number Item # Description Description Weight Weight
    412 412 Pellet Accessory Kit - 6 Pieces Pellet Accessory Kit - 6 Pieces1 lbs. 1 lbs.
    411 411 HEPA Replacement Filter HEPA Replacement Filter5 lbs. 5 lbs.
    415 415 SootStop Dacron Pre-Filter for Hearth Country Ash Vacuum SootStop Dacron Pre-Filter for Hearth Country Ash Vacuum1 lbs. 1 lbs.